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Jerry Suhrstedt talks about restaurant virtual tours that allow your customers to interact with your brand before they step foot in your establishment.

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Having a Restaurant Virtual Tour should be on your short list.

A restaurant virtual tour is not a luxury any longer.  The Internet has changed the landscape for consumers giving them the ability to research products and services before they buy… and that includes the restaurant business.

The restaurant business is about great food, ambiance, and excellent service all known as the fine dining experience. The hard part is performing this at a top-notch level every single day, of every single week and month. Day in, day out. It takes years to perfect that really cool, mellow jazz vibe you want your customers to feel in your place. Marketing your restaurant online with an immersive, interactive, 360° virtual tour will not only boost your business, but will give a new local audience a taste of what they will expect when they head to your establishment.

Restaurateurs that fully understand this concept create an unforgettable experience for their customers. By creating that awesome experience from the time they book their reservation, to the time they walk out the door, successful restaurants keep them coming back for more while building their repeat customer base.

Great Food is Great, But Oh the Ambiance

A huge part of the charm of dining is the ambiance. You know… that thing that’s hard to understand or explain. That thing that makes you feel like you’re more important than you really are. The lighting, the dark wood, the background music and the rich, luscious, velour couches in the bar. You hear people talking about a restaurant they visited last weekend… “Oh my god, you can’t believe this place! The food was awesome, but the place is so cool looking.” Or you may hear… “I absolutely love the atmosphere at ABC Steakhouse. Mellow jazz playing, and the decor is amazing!”

You roll all that together and you get the major reason why customers become repeat customers in a big way. The problem is, there’s really no way to experience or understand what a restaurant looks and feels like unless someone you know has been there. Even then, their words typically fall short of really motivating you to try a new place to dine with you and your friends.

So if your potential patrons are in the mood for trying a new place this coming Saturday, many times they will either stick with the “tried-and-true”, or they will get on the Internet to see what’s out there.  And a restaurant virtual tour may just be the bait that grabs, and sends them to your store.

Hook ‘Em When They Are In The Decision Making Process

How do you give them a real taste of what they will experience? Can’t exactly have free food expedited to their home. So how do you hook new patrons to come and try out your super awesome food and ambiance? Many restaurant managers will slap up a couple of photos on their website they took with their smart phone. Others will actually take the time to hire an experienced photographer.

Sure, having high-definition, punchy, crystal clear photographs of your lobby and dining room will help. But why not take it to a level that flat, still photographs can’t do. Why not a media-rich, immersive 360° virtual tour that will take that buying process to a whole new level. Especially needed during that brief period when your prospects are trying to decide where to eat with their friends and loved ones.

They Have To “Taste” Your Product Online

An immersive 360° virtual tour will give your potential patrons an online experience that gives them an authentic, virtual taste of your restaurant’s vibe. They will feel it, experience it, and if you’re good enough, they will come and spend some money.

If your Italian cuisine, or steakhouse is that cool, give yourself the best chance of capturing new business with an immersive 360° virtual tour of your restaurant that online users can experience before they drop some coin.

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Jerry Suhrstedt Administrator
Jerry has spent the past 25 years in marketing strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications.
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Jerry Suhrstedt Administrator
Jerry has spent the past 25 years in marketing strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications.
follow me