[vc_row attachment=”scroll” fluid=”no” padding=”no-padding” margin=”no-margin”][vc_column align=”” class_type=”md” width=”1/1″ animation=”” animation_delay=”” animation_duration=””][rs_banner_heading weight=”600″ heading=”Photography of Architecture” size=”42px” spacing=”0.1em” color=”#5f5f5f” top=”0px” bottom=”16px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row attachment=”scroll” fluid=”no” padding=”no-padding” margin=”custom-margin” m_top=”40px” m_bottom=”0px”][vc_column align=”” class_type=”md” width=”1/1″ animation=”” animation_delay=”” animation_duration=””][vc_column_text text_color=”#5f5f5f” text_size=”16px”]The architecture of Seattle and Tacoma, Washington spans the entire range from facades of century old buildings, whose insides are often belied by what they look like outside, to almost shocking works of deconstructionism. Seattle is a city of skyscrapers that resemble beacons overlooking the harbor, Puget Sound as the sun sets and Lake Washington as it rises. There are elaborate mansions and offices built out of cleaned up cargo containers. The view of Seattle has to incorporate the large scale and the immense, then focus in on the smallest details of sculptured columns and textures in the walls. There is water, hill and mountain. What a varied and visually arresting city!

Architectural photography of a spectacular city, requires that you know how the architect saw it. Why did the architect design the building in just the way it was?  Then you have to find the features that give the building its distinctiveness.

Some buildings are best shown off by a straight-on view that lets the building itself do the expressive work (making sure to control perspective so as not to distort the look of the building as it stands).

  • Some building photographs have to include a concentration on small details, like sculptures dug into the walls or columns.
  • Some buildings call out for a focus on glass, reflection, refraction of the light.
  • Some buildings are just too huge to capture them with an ordinary lens and need a wide-angle or fisheye view to summarize their shape.
  • Some buildings just have to be seen from a distance using a long lens.
  • Some buildings need photographs that embed them in their settings, perhaps using an areal view or one from a strategic location that illustrates the structure in its community.

For some buildings, color is a vital feature of the photograph, for others the starkness of black and white or high contrast monochrome images tell the story that the building wants to convey.

The architectural photographer has to be a lover of buildings and has to be immersed in the city the building is a part of. Probably the best training an architectural photographer can have is to stand in the shoes of the architect. In fact, only the architect fully knows the language of buildings, how they work and how they fit into the long history of buildings.

Buildings are part of the story of civilization. Each building contains points of conformity and reference to the past, and points of rebellion and reaction against the past. Each building pushes forward and slides back. In addition, the buildings have to take the history and the esthetics and make them practical, useful and sound. Architecture is a spectacular art. The photography of buildings has to account for the complex art of building design and tradition.

Jerry Suhrstedt has been a photographer since high school in Auburn, Washington. He launched a small photography company right after graduation. Then for 9 years, he designed and built custom homes, developing a love and understanding of architecture, both residential and commercial.

Jerry Suhrstedt Photography is devoted to architectural photography in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and the surrounding area. Please contact us for more information.

Tacoma Photo: Iriana Shiyan[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jerry Suhrstedt Administrator
Jerry has spent the past 25 years in marketing strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications.
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Jerry Suhrstedt Administrator
Jerry has spent the past 25 years in marketing strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications.
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