Marketing Essentials: The 360 Virtual Tour of Commercial Property

Learn why a 360 virtual tour is one of the hottest new ways to market your property.

Are you one of the 154 business owners in Seattle who has listed a business for sale in BizBuySell this month? Is it the Belltown restaurant with “amazing” views? Or the “well-established Seattle nightclub” in Pioneer Square?

Since Seattle is perennially listed in the country’s hottest real estate markets, you’d think that your business would sell almost as soon as it was listed. After all, rankings compiled by the Urban Land Institute and international accounting firm PwC for 2014 ranked Seattle’s industrial market as the second strongest, its hotel market as the third strongest, and its office property market as the fourth strongest.

If your property simply isn’t garnering the attention that you believe you need in order to sell it within a reasonable time at a reasonable price, there may be a critical gap in your marketing plan. According to Colliers, “good sales and leasing agents alone aren’t going to get the job done.” That means that sellers will have to try harder and invest more in good marketing to differentiate your property from many others in the same sector. And one of the most important marketing tools is a 360 virtual tour.

Remember that Belltown restaurant with “amazing views”? Well, since no one knows the property better than you do, creating a virtual (or panoramic) tour of your property allows you to bring your prospective buyer in the front door and show him exactly what you want him to see in the sequence and flow that you believe best epitomizes your bistro. What are the property’s best features? Are there custom-built pieces in the bar or dining room that reflect your attention to detail and your use of quality materials? Perhaps the tour lingers there for an extra moment, capturing architectural features of which you are justly proud. Or are there columns or leaded windows that were original to the building and which your customers always mention? And what about that “amazing view” that you talked about? Seattle is famous for its mists and shadows, and those dramatic vistas may be a powerful selling point for the property if thoughtfully and effectively utilized as part of a 360° virtual tour.

As the statistics above indicate, the Seattle real estate market is a competitive one. While much goes into the positioning of a business for sale including the nature of the existing business and its relative success in the present market, no stack of Excel spreadsheets and no iPhone photos will have as visceral an effect on a prospective buyer as what he experiences as he moves through the space that you created.

You can learn more about the immersive 360 virtual tours created by Eypan Photo Group here, and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you have.