Seattle interior design photographer Jerry Suhrstedt talks about why you should record your work with Interior Design Photography.

Interior Designers are all too familiar with the process of letting go of the art they love and have worked hard to create and interior design photography alleviates your worries. You pour your heart into crafting an incredible space, and then, when it is finished, you walk away and let the homeowner or business enjoy the private space you have carefully designed for them.

While most artists quickly learn how to walk away from their best creations with grace, it still creates a challenge when it comes to showcasing your work for future clients to see. You can not take your clients on a tour of the spaces you have created, because usually they are not accessible to the public, and clients are free to change your spaces after you complete them. Living, practical art like interior design is never static.

So, how do you capture the beauty and elegance of a 3-d space with a 2-d image? You need a portfolio of photographs of your interior design to show clients and feature in your marketing efforts, but you want the photos to convey as much on paper as the client might feel standing in the space, and that is a difficult undertaking for any photographer.

Interior design photography has to simultaneously showcase details and capture the broader feeling of a space. Lighting is crucial. Angles must be carefully considered. You want to hire a professional photographer with experience capturing expert interior design in photos. You know how much difference it makes to have a professional interior designer create a space compared to a hobbyist, and the same is true with photography.

You have carefully thought about every item you’ve included in a room, and you need a photographer who will think just as carefully about how to photograph the entire area while paying attention to even the smallest design elements.

Please contact us to find out how we capture the overall feeling of a space as well as the specific details that make it great. We would be happy to show you examples of our photos of interior designers’ work.