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Jerry Suhrstedt is an architectural photographer who writes about how Chihuly glass art correlates with real estate photography.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row attachment=”scroll” fluid=”no” padding=”no-padding” margin=”custom-margin” m_top=”40px” m_bottom=”0px”][vc_column align=”” class_type=”md” width=”1/1″ animation=”” animation_delay=”” animation_duration=””][vc_column_text text_color=”#5f5f5f” text_size=”16px”]Real estate photography has become increasingly important as more buyers begin their search for a new home online. It is critical to have the best possible photographs for a house to look inviting. Each photograph must exhibit four characteristics of excellent real estate photography: color, reflectivity, texture, and pattern. Taking a close look at one of Seattle’s most popular destinations, Chihuly Garden and Glass, will demonstrate these four important traits.


Entering Chihuly Garden and Glass, the viewer is first filled with the clear, bright colors of Chihuly’s glass sculptures. Every color is represented in the glass forms that sit among plants and flowers, but the colors are even brighter than the garden’s leaves and flowers. The real estate photographer wants to focus on colors that please the eye and enhance the look of the home. Attention is given to the colors of furnishings and staging, as well as, the structure itself. Clean, bright colors attract the viewer. Grey and tan may be trending colors, but dull is never good.


While Chihuly’s sometimes massive glass structures appear as if they might have grown in the garden, none of the real plants and flowers reflect the sun or spotlights as well as the glass sculptures. Light bounces and sparkles off every shiny surface. When photographing a home, photographers use natural and artificial light to enhance the reflections from the shiny surfaces and contrast with the non-reflective surfaces. Imagine a perfect kitchen. The countertop and fixtures shine in contrast to the curtains and quarry tile floor.


Texture is, also, about the surface of an object. Texture, though, is tactile – how the object feels to the touch. Many of Chihuly’s sculptures mimic the bumps or ridges of natural leaves, even cacti; but the sculptures still have the smooth, hard feel of glass. A photographer uses choices of lighting, angle, and distance to enable viewers of the to ‘feel’ with their eyes. Shoppers want to ‘feel’ the difference between the stone fireplace and the tile mantle.


Chihuly uses sculptures of the same color and shape in different ways. A single twisting shape placed inside a white cone becomes the center of a lily. Grouped with twenty other similar shapes and placed in a pool, we now see pond grasses. Patterns depend on seeing repetition of an element to create a new picture. Photographing a room with red feature elements, a woven wood fence, or a tile backsplash require choices to expose both details and patterns.

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Jerry Suhrstedt Administrator
Jerry has spent the past 25 years in marketing strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications.
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Jerry Suhrstedt Administrator
Jerry has spent the past 25 years in marketing strategy, advertising, branding, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications.
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