Avoid Home Hunting Fatigue, Offer Real Estate Virtual Tours

360° interactive virtual tour producer Jerry Suhrstedt talks about why Real Estate Virtual Tours are fast becoming a “Must Have”.

sample-virtual-tour-playThe popular sayings, “home is where the heart is” and “there’s no place like home” express our attitudes toward our homes. They are the most important places in our lives, and the biggest purchases most people will ever make. However, the excitement a buyer feels at the beginning of their search for a new home search can quickly transform to aggravation as days and weeks are spent driving all over town, looking at homes that don’t make their hearts skip a beat.

Invaluable for Real Estate Brokers

If you are a real estate agent trying to sell a home, home hunting fatigue can keep potential buyers from ever seeing the charming home you have put on the market. You should do everything in your power to get as many eyes on your home as possible. 360, interactive real estate virtual tours let you show off the home you’re selling without requiring any of the buyer’s valuable time.

Saves You Time

A virtual tour will also save you time, because you will only have to physically show the home to buyers who have seen the virtual tour and are still interested and engaged.

Virtual Tours are Interactive

However, if you offer a virtual tour, remember that these photos will be the home’s first impression. Every photo included on the tour needs to offer as much atmosphere, energy, personality and charm as the potential buyer would feel if they walked in the door.  That’s called being interactive, the buyer can interact and see the areas of your property that they want to, as opposed to a standard video that shows the buyer what the seller wants them to see.

These photos have to allow the eyes of the buyer to compensate for all the other senses. They should transport the viewer into the dream of calling this house “home.” These photo can not just be technically excellent, they also have to have point of view. They have to enlarge the space and make it sing.

What We Do

An expert photographer can use his camera to indulge the best features of a property making a space look bigger, brighter and more welcoming than the same home would with a less experienced photographer at the helm. For more information on photos that give a house the “heart” that can transform it into a home in the mind of a potential buyer, please contact us.