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About Us

Hospitality Photographer and Hospitality Photography Lewis Santa Barbara PoolLet’s face it… there are a million photographers out there.

Actually, according to statistics there are 57 million in the United States.  So how do you choose a photographer to accurately represent your model home, hotel property or restaurant?

Someone with expensive equipment? The least expensive option?  What about making your decision based on professionals that actually increase the value of your brand and product to your prospects with high-impact, other-worldly imagery?  What about working with photographers with a background in marketing so they understand how give you a competitive advantage in the market place.

That’s what we do at Eypan Media.  By the way, that’s pronounced i-pan… yeah, it’s just a made up word.

Here’s why we think you should allow Eypan Media to manage your imagery and photography needs.

  • Imagery Brand
    • We don’t just take pictures.  We create an “Imagery Brand” for your company and product.  An Imagery Brand is a set of defined techniques and imagery styling that speaks to your brand and your perfect client.
  • Brand Continuity
    • Once we have your “Imagery Brand” in place, we then have a methodology that allows us to consistently create that same look and “vibe” and style across multiple projects giving you a “look” your prospects will recognize.
  • We’re Professionals
    • We eat, sleep, and live photography along with the art of imagery.  We study our art, nurture it, and spend every waking moment trying to figure out how we can make your product look more valuable, and exciting.  We employ the absolute latest in photography techniques all while using professional grade equipment.  We’re organized, we communicate, and are mature enough to understand what customer service is all about.

Eypan Media focuses on architectural, real estate, and hospitality photography as well as 360° virtual reality tours primarily in Washington and Oregon.

Got more questions than answers?  Contact Us and we’ll work with you to create a plan for your brand.

Why Choose US ?

We Are Creative

Creativity is at the core of what we do.  It’s what drives The Eypan team.  Take a look at some of our photographs and you’ll see why.

We Are Punctual

In this fast-paced, Internet based world… being punctual is not exactly a given.  In that sense we’re “Old School”.  If we say we’ll meet you at 10:00 am, we’ll be there at 9:59.  And if we’re having a bad day, we’ll call you and let you know we’re running late.  It’s all about communication.

We Have Magic

The Eypan Team hates mediocrity.  We love creating a magical experience in design and imagery.